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If the toggle switch is set to “On,” you can control each individual app’s access to the camera by using each app’s associated toggle switch. General access by the system is controlled by the now-familiar toggle switch located just under the “Let apps use my camera hardware” label, as seen above. If Location is on, Windows will store your location history “for a limited time” on the device, and any apps that use the Windows location information can access the history. Privacy advocates have long been concerned about the way Cortana gathers and stores personal user information. This has led Microsoft to allow users to somewhat control what Cortana accesses and stores.

  • To completely shut down telemetry the quick and easy way, Reddit user 10se1ucgo created a user-friendly program in Python that shuts down telemetry and diagnostic services.
  • If Windows telemetry is ONLY collecting information, then why does diagtrack.dll need to have registry key create, modify and delete abilities?
  • If telemetry could run in the background without keeping me from doing my usual work, I have no problem with it.
  • Found this site that lists the links, export and import of functions of dll’s and it shows that diagtrack.dll has alot more power than it needs for just collecting data.

As of the Fall Creators Windows Update, Windows 10 users can now get direct access to the full privacy statement during installation. While I don’t expect many users will actually read the entire statement, I mention it in order to point out that Microsoft has included “Learn More” links in the text. Selecting Custom Settings during setup of Windows 10 will allow you to adjust the settings that control how your private information is accessed by Microsoft. Restricting access to the Settings page is not difficult on Windows 10 v1703. Moreover, you can either hide all the settings pages of Settings app if you do not want to use that anymore or you can show or hide particular settings page only. First, you can use the Group Policy Editor or you can use the Registry Editor.

How to disable access to Windows 10's Settings app

For this setting, I would say allow or block on an app-level basis. It will become clear to you after a while which apps actually require access to your device’s microphone.

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We’d also recommend going to Personalization then Lock screen, and System then Notifications & actions, both accessible from the Settings dialog. These screens allow you to stop widgets and notifications from certain apps from showing up on the lock screen before you’ve logged in. The best way to keep your own stuff to yourself is to set up a separate user account for everyone who has access to the Windows 10 computer. Don’t be tempted to just additional info use one account that everyone shares for the sake of convenience. New accounts can be created by going to Settings, then Accounts, then Family & other users. Open up Settings, then choose Privacy and Contacts to get to the relevant section. Here you can see which apps have access to your contact data, for whatever reason; maybe sharing files with them, for example.

I suggest contacting the developer of any app you might have questions about and query them as to what type of Account Info the app uses. Desktop apps won’t appear in your Choose apps that can use/access/control/read my lists and are not affected by the Let apps use/access/read my setting. To allow or block desktop apps, use the settings in those applications.

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You can also toggle the “Always clear this when I close the browser” switch to “On,” and then Microsoft Edge will automatically clear the selected information each time the browser is closed. This is a great idea for the privacy-inclined – yet forgetful – users among us. In this section, we’ll take a look at the Edge browser and which settings require a closer look in order to protect your privacy. I’ll guide you through the settings and discuss what they control, and how they should be adjusted to offer complete privacy. When the option is set to “On,” you’ll see a listing of apps that might need Account Info access. You can turn that access on or off on an individual basis.