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Common BIOS keys are "Delete" "F1" "F2" or "Escape", but it could be something else. If you’re using a custom-built computer, you’ll need to find your motherboard’s model instead of using the computer’s model number. Next to the "BIOS Version/Date" heading, you’ll see a company name, your computer’s model name, and a number after a period. The number after the period is your BIOS version.For a computer with the model number "Q553UB" and a BIOS set to version 202, for example, you would see "Q553UB.202" here. This site, like many others, uses small files called cookies to help us improve and customize your experience.

Even so, Total Annihilation did more than just establish the groundwork for Supreme Commander. Total Annihilation is the very first known real-time strategy game to feature 3D units and terrain in-game. Where in previous RTS, players could field around 100 units altogether. Total Annihilation started at allowing 200 units per player and would eventually increase the cap to 5,000 a piece, practically inventing grand-scale warfare in strategy games. Total Annihilation, released by Cavedog Entertainment in 1997, introduced 3D units and terrain and focused on huge battles that emphasized macromanagement over micromanagement. It featured a streamlined interface that would influence many RTS games in later years.

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Try it out and use it to back up the existing BIOS version. Multiplayer online battle arena games have originated as a subgenre of real-time strategy games, however this fusion of real-time strategy, role-playing, and action games has lost many traditional RTS elements. These type of games moved away from constructing additional structures, base management, army building, and controlling additional units. Map and the main structures for each team are still present, and destroying enemy main structure will secure victory as the ultimate victory condition. Unlike in RTS, a player has control over the only one single powerful unit, called "hero" or "champion", who advances in level, learns new abilities, and grows in power over the course of a match.

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However, it bears a different name from one manufacturer to another. For example, if you have an Asrock motherboard, your BIOS might include a built-in utility called Instant Flash. If you own an ASUS motherboard, its BIOS might have a utility called EZ Flash. Wait for the BIOS to get updated and then reboot your computer. You can now access it and tweak its settings to your liking.

Age of Empires, released by Ensemble Studios in 1997 tried to put a game in a slower pace, combining elements of Civilization with the real-time strategy concept by introducing ages of technologies. In 1998, Blizzard released the game StarCraft, which became an international phenomenon and is still played in large professional leagues to this day.

Defense of the Ancients , a Warcraft III mod from 2003, and its standalone sequel Dota 2 , as well as League of Legends download free software, and Heroes of the Storm , are the typical representatives of the new strategy subgenre. Former game journalist Luke Smith called DotA "the ultimate RTS".