Cheat codes. General information on this Section. Helpful Cheats

Cheat codes. General information on this Section. Helpful Cheats


General Information On this Part

To work with the cheats in this area, you must start the demand system into the game. This could be carried out by pushing “

” for a us notepad (key over the tab key). Nonetheless, some notepads that are european the letters “o”, “/” or ” ` “. In the event your notepad needs a various key, please leave a remark below mentioning the respective key as well as your keyboard language.

You can enter “help” to see a full list of all the possible commands after you have opened your command console. Enter “help” + one demand to get a description and enter “example” + one demand to obtain a tangible instance with the particular effect explained

Helpful Cheats

– Door: Lock or unlock doors

Command: ‘lock or unlock’ home ‘door title’

Example: lock door masterbedroom // lock home “master bed space” = secure the master bedroom home

Possible values for 3rd term: choose any home and place its name (without “door”)

Note: helpful to secure away figures even in rooms there is no need a key for.

– Roaming: Prevent characters from moving away their present location

Command: ‘character’ name’ roaming ‘true or false’ allow

Example: Leah wandering xxx sex arab false allow = Leah will not disappear completely from her present location.

Note: (we) Some figures have actually limited wandering abilities, to see these places key in: roaming ‘person’s title’ list (II) which will make a specific character move every-where, type: roaming ‘person’s name’ clearlist (III) You may want to be more exact and deny figures to attend specific areas or even to get near to certain individuals.

– WalkTo: Make figures walk up to a desired location

Command: ‘character’s title’ walkto ‘location name’

Example: amy walkto bed = make Derek leave the home

Feasible values for 3rd term: outside, sleep = master suite sleep, hottubseat1, and much more.

– WarpTo: Make figures be teleported appropriate prior to you

Command: ‘person’s name’ warpto player

Example: Vickie warpto player = Vickie can look prior to you.

Fight: Make figures fight one another

Command: combat ‘character name(s)’ ‘passout or wakeup or fight’

Instance: combat Frank Derek battle = make Frank and Derek fight one another

Another instance: combat Frank passout = make Frank unconscious

Feasible values for 3rd term: battle, wakeup, passout.

Records: When Frank is passed away away, you are able to assist your self using the booze into the case.

Closeness: making love with anyone

Command: closeness player ‘other man or woman’s title’ ‘sex place’ sexualact

Example: closeness player amy 10052 sexualact = Cowgirl with Amy.

Feasible values for 3rd term: 9000 = find out, 10000 = blowjob, 10011 = handjob, 10030 = missionary, 10050 = doggy, 10051 = masterbate, 10052 = cowgirl, 10053 = licking, 10054 = 69, 10055/56/57 = wall surface intercourse.

Potential customizations # 1: 0 closeness ‘person’s title’ 10051

Example: 0 closeness Amy 10051 = make Amy masturbate

Potential modification # 2: ‘active man or woman’s title’ 0 ‘sex position’ ‘passive individuals title’ closeness

Example: Amy 0 10050 Rachael closeness = make Amy just take Rachael doggy

Note: (we) You will need to get rid of the clothing associated with involved people, (II) you are able to men bang each other, (III) All jobs aside from 9000 “make out” are invalid with Arin and Dan.

Player: Adjust orgasm sensitiveness

Command: values player OrgasmSensitivity equals value

Example: values player OrgasmSensitivity equals 0

Note: ‘OrgasmSensitivity’ is case-sensitive. Value is ranging from 0 to 9, with 0 the slowest (no progress on Orgasm meter) and 9 the quickest. It is possible to set the decimal value as as an example 0.1 or 2.3.

Player: Add what to your stock

Command: player inventory add ‘item title’

Instance: player inventory add merlot = get the merlot from Patrick in your inventory

Note: (we) there are shortcuts like mer = merlot and natty = lite that is natty be applied when it comes to ‘item name’ value, (II) the things would be taken out of their beginning inside your home.

Quest: Complete quests automatically

Command: quest ‘start or complete’ ‘ “quest title” ‘

Example: quest complete “scavenger search” = completes the quest Scavenger search

Possible values for third term: make use of demand: quest list ‘person’s name’ to determine what quests can be found

Note: you is only able to finish opportunities you have previously started

Personal: Increase friendship, drunk-level and romance of figures

Command: social ‘target person’ player ‘number’ friendship include

Instance: social leah player 100 love add = increase love with Leah by 100

Feasible values for forth term: good and numbers that are negative vary from -30 to +30 (? )

Funny Cheats