In July 2009, BBC Radio 4 broadcast a comedy collection called Bigipedia, which was set on an internet site which was a parody of Wikipedia. Some of the sketches were directly impressed by Wikipedia and its articles. In an episode of the television comedy The Office U.S., which aired in April 2007, an incompetent workplace supervisor is shown relying on a hypothetical Wikipedia article for info on negotiation techniques to assist him in negotiating lesser pay for an employee. Viewers of the present tried to add the episode’s point out of the web page as a bit of the particular Wikipedia article on negotiation, but this effort was prevented by other users on the article’s talk web page. Many parodies goal Wikipedia’s openness and susceptibility to inserted inaccuracies, with characters vandalizing or modifying the web encyclopedia project’s articles. ”dare to know”), social networks have led to a culture of “are to not care to know”.

The firm said it additionally blocked a number of accounts that linked to external websites that bought dietary supplements and other products that weren’t scientifically validated. In January 2019, Pinterest stopped returning search outcomes regarding vaccines, in an effort to one way or the other gradual the rise of anti-vaccination content on the platform. Prior to the measure, the corporate said that almost all of vaccination-related photographs shared on the platform had been anti-vaccination, contradicting the scientific analysis establishing the security of vaccines. Social engineering of Pinterest users by scammers to propagate surveys promising free merchandise was famous by the computer safety agency Symantec in March 2012.


It discovered Georgia State to be in a good place to start a aggressive soccer group, and based its remarks on the location and resources of the college. It estimated that total annual bills by 2012 could be $three.1 million. The faculty’s coat of arms is registered within the College of Arms in London. The Latin motto means, “Truth is robust and can conquer” (or alternatively, “Truth is effective and shall overcome”). The panther holds the symbol of training, with the quill in purple to represent the hearth in Atlanta’s metropolis emblem. The gold coin indicates the university’s beginnings as a enterprise school. The crown august is a illustration of the Stone Mountain granite.

See for example the Biographies of Living Persons Noticeboard or Neutral Point of View Noticeboard, created to handle content falling under their respective areas. Revisions with libelous content material, legal threats, or copyright infringements could also be removed completely. Studies related to Wikipedia have been using machine studying and synthetic intelligence to assist numerous operations. One of the most important areas—automated detection of vandalism and data high quality assessment in Wikipedia. In 2015, French researchers José Lages of the University of Franche-Comté in Besançon and Dima Shepelyansky of Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse revealed a global college rating based mostly on Wikipedia scholarly citations. They used PageRank “followed by the variety of appearances within the 24 completely different language editions of Wikipedia and the century by which they were founded “.

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William G. Bowen, president of Princeton University from 1972 to 1988, based JSTOR in 1995. JSTOR initially was conceived as a solution to one of many issues faced by libraries, particularly analysis and university libraries, due to the rising number of tutorial journals in existence. Most libraries found it prohibitively costly by way of value and area to take care of a complete assortment of journals.

Zuckerberg has acknowledged that he regrets having dismissed issues over Russian interference within the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In July 2018, it stated that it will “downrank” articles that its truth-checkers determined to be false, and take away misinformation that incited violence. Facebook said that content that receives “false” scores from its truth-checkers may be demonetized and endure dramatically reduced distribution. Specific posts and videos that violate neighborhood requirements can be removed on Facebook. Facebook depends on its customers to generate the content that bonds its customers to the service. The company has come underneath criticism both for permitting objectionable content material, including conspiracy theories and fringe discourse, and for prohibiting other content material that it deems inappropriate. Previously, Facebook had its privateness settings spread out over 20 pages, and has now put all of its privacy settings on one page, which makes it tougher for third-party apps to access the consumer’s private data.

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Wikipedia started as a complementary project for Nupedia, a free online English-language encyclopedia project whose articles had been written by experts and reviewed underneath a formal process. It was based on March 9, 2000, beneath the ownership of Bomis, an internet portal firm. Its major figures had been Bomis CEO Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, editor-in-chief for Nupedia and later Wikipedia. Nupedia was initially licensed underneath its own Nupedia Open Content License, but even earlier than Wikipedia was founded, Nupedia switched to the GNU Free Documentation License on the urging of Richard Stallman. Wales is credited with defining the goal of constructing a publicly editable encyclopedia, while Sanger is credited with the technique of utilizing a wiki to achieve that objective. On January 10, 2001, Sanger proposed on the Nupedia mailing listing to create a wiki as a “feeder” project for Nupedia. Since both faculties could be abbreviated GSU, a degree of battle between the two faculties is that both fan-bases declare that their college is, actually, the true GSU.

Facebook banned political ads to forestall the manipulation of voters within the US’s November’s election. However, industry experts instructed that there are a number of other methods for misinformation to reach voters on social media platforms and blocking political advertisements won’t function a proven solution to the problem.

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The Wall Street Journal cited the array of guidelines applied to editing and disputes associated to such content material among the causes for this development. Wales disputed these claims in 2009, denying the decline and questioning the methodology of the examine. Two years later, in 2011, Wales acknowledged the presence of a slight decline, noting a lower from “slightly more than 36,000 writers” in June 2010 to 35,800 in June 2011.

Shutterstock also has 10 million video clips and music clips in its portfolio. In response to the company censoring ends in China, over 180 Shutterstock workers signed a petition towards the decision. After its founding in 2003 with CEO Jon Oringer as the only worker, by 2007 Shutterstock had grown to 30 people.

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In early August 2018, Facebook banned the four most lively InfoWars-associated pages for hate speech. The authorities of the Philippines has additionally used Facebook as a device to attack its critics. Facebook apologies have appeared in newspapers, television, blog posts and on Facebook. On March 25, 2018, leading US and UK newspapers revealed full-page adverts with a private apology from Zuckerberg. Ars Technica reported in April 2018 that the Facebook Android app had been harvesting person information, together with cellphone calls and text messages, since 2015. In May 2018, several Android users filed a class action lawsuit in opposition to Facebook for invading their privateness.