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A slideshow behind her displayed horrific statistics on the murder rate for women in Honduras and the number of cases that go unpunished. Inspired by their fallen hero and stung by horrific poverty, impunity and violence against women, a new generation of Honduran heroines is rising. It’s a treacherous uphill battle in a country where a woman is killed every 16 hours and more than one environmental activist is murdered every month. But they will persist, said Zúniga, because the stakes are too high to stop. Their stages may be disparate, but these two groups of women are champions of the same cause in Honduras.

Emotional blow-ups do occur, but once they are done, people seem to move on and not dwell on it. However, repeated angry outbursts could tarnish one’s reputation and make people wary of the person, given the context of violence in Honduras.

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The decade of the 50’s saw the begining of the Federation of Honduran Women’s Associations, inspired by the international suffrage movement. They fought together with other women for political rights, in the pursuit of achievements in the legal arena, leaving unresoveld the achievement of full citizenship. The first time Honduran women participated in national elections was in the period from 1957 to 1963 when Ramon Villeda Morales was elected. Some limitations established at that time were for example, that only women who could read had the right to vote, despite most women were illiterate at the time.

While this is a way to feed a family, it is also detrimental to the cause for women and plays a part in widening the gender gap even further. Overall the average woman makes considerably less than her male counterpart, and is usually forced into industries with little to no benefits and almost no job security. Although women are seen as a second choice for a breadwinner, it is becoming more and more common for women to be the main, and in many cases the sole breadwinner.

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But that program, critics argue, has been inadequately staffed and resourced since it was launched in 2015. A 2015 report on Honduras from the United Nations special rapporteur on violence against women found that the administration has paid “minimal attention to” gender empowerment.

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Yoked with this burden of providing for a family while living in a country where one’s labor is not valued can be extremely difficult. This has forced many women to be innovative and flexible when it comes to providing for their families. Men are twice as likely to be employed in Honduras as are women, and there are very strong stereotypes of what men’s and women’s jobs should be. Much of this comes from the Mesoamerican ideas of gender.

As a pastor, she had visited impoverished women in prison who had been accused of getting abortions. The injustice of the ladies’s plight impressed her to turn out to be an activist, together with within the church. She spoke with us in a white-tiled room with a door you possibly can’t see through. Even with out an initial gender mainstreaming technique, the participation of ladies/women within the Programme actions virtually equaled that of men/boys. If earlier such marriages were not approved by parents, now we are treated positively. A very good match is a pair between a Honduran girl and a European man.