The Unexposed Secret of Chuck It Dog Toys

It is also soft and cuddly, so when they are done playing your Lab can happily curl up next to it in bed. I don’t usually love toys that make this much noise. But it’s hard to object when your dog is enjoying themselves so much. Although we wouldn’t recommend soft toys to the most destructive of dogs, there is plenty of choice for most of our furry friends. From unstuffed cuddly toys for Labradors who like to pull out the padding, to noisy soft toys and those just for hugging. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites from the bunch. This toy is specifically designed for enthusiastic chewers.

Most Labradors will use anything they can get their teeth on as dog chew toys. Despite the guarantees, some dogs are made of tougher stuff than the toys. Especially if your Labrador is crossed with another breed known for their powerful jaws, like Pitbulls for example. A great way to start finding a toy your dog is going to love, is to check out what other people’s pups have enjoyed getting their paws, jaws and claws into. They love running, fetching, carrying, chewing, digging and above all playing.

Why I Bought A Chuckit For My Elderly Mother

Made of natural rubber with an extra-thick rubber core, this high-bouncing ball puts the fun in fetch and floats on water. Petstages knows all about the importance of chewing and that’s why they’ve created this amazing toy, which blends real wood with a non-toxic, synthetic material. Safer than real sticks, it emits a natural wood smell. Glow-in-the-dark ball for late night fun and games with your dog! Simply shine light on this robust and grippable rubber ball and watch it glow for up to half an hour! High-quality ball for dogs with net-like design for easier breathing for your dog.

For such a pooch, you can revert back to softer chewy toys made with chew resistant material. Regardless of which type chuck it dog balls of chewer you own, here are the most important things to consider when looking for in an indestructible dog toy.

For a slightly different take on ball launching, try this dog ball stomper that is entirely foot-powered! Made of durable rubber, you simply stomp your foot on the launcher to send the ball sailing . The vibrant red hue will keep you from losing it in the grass, although we’re pretty sure your dog won’t let that happen. This tennis ball launcher brings some serious power to your game, with the ability to fling balls over 220 feet! Compatible with regular tennis balls (which is important, considering you’re bound to lose quite a few), this launcher gives your arm a much-deserved break. Plus, if you place the barrel directly over the ball it’ll pick it up for you. This blaster is compatible with regular-sized tennis balls, and you can adjust the launching distance based on your dog’s energy level or the amount of space you have.

West Paw Design is a company that makes a lot of different pet products, but their primary claim to fame is their collection of incredibly durable toys with bizarre names. You might not get excited when you see a cotton rope and some bones tied together, but your dog sure does. Made in the USA and free from chemicals or preservatives, this toy functions as both a healthy chewable and tugging mechanism. Nylabone is back with another chewable (but non-edible) toy, this one designed for teething puppies. Tough and durable, it features four textured ends and a savoury beef flavour. If so, you owe it to them to get this launcher and ball set, which enables the kind of long distances your puny arm can’t muster. A solid puppy chew toy doesn’t just promote strong teeth but also fortifies the bond between a pet and their owner.

Read on to discover some of our favorite ChuckIt products. Personally, I’m a pretty big fan of the toys produced by KONG and Hyper Pet. Hopefully, some other dog found it and is enjoying it to this day. In the 1990s, the company introduced their first major toy – the ChuckIt! Sports Launcher, a long, plastic wand with a gripping end designed to grip a tennis ball. is a UK-based pet toy company that specializes in producing fetch-related toys.

Make sure the rubber is soft enough to prevent injury to the dog’s gums and teeth. Toys that have layers sewn into them are an excellent option as long as the innards of the toy do not pose a choking hazard. Your dog can easily ingest it, which could cause a blockage. Also, smooth toys can easily be broken by the dog because they offer little resistance to the dog’s teeth compared to textured exteriors. A sizable dog toy doesn’t have to be enormous and overwhelming to a small dog. Mid-sized dimensions are befitting, allowing the dog to play, but still posing an exercise challenge. A senior dog aged seven and over loses its tooth and jaw strength, but it still needs to indulge in chewing games.

It also floats if you plan on playing fetch in the water. Tiny pups can enjoy fetch too, as long as their fetch toys are the correct size and weight, and I’ve included some great fetch toy options for small breeds below. You can play fetch any time, indoors or outdoors, whenever your dog needs to burn some extra energy. Squeaky dog tennis balls, like those fromHyper Pet or theKong Squeak Air, were appealing as they could be bought in bulk at an affordable price. However, the quality differed dramatically even in the same package. And, they still have the tennis ball fuzz that can be peeled off.