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ROMs are essentially versions of games that have been "ripped" from their original cartridges or discs. Right, let’s talk about game ROMs, which is the real sticking point when it comes to the legality of emulation. The vast majority of video games are still copyrighted materials, regardless of their age. One is the original reason why we bother with emulation.

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The key to emulating your favorite classic games is to find a reliable ROM site, and that can be tricky as not all ROM sites are legal. In many instances, downloading a ROM violates various copyright laws. As time and technology progresses, it becomes increasingly more difficult to play older video games. Maybe your original console stopped working or you lost the cartridge in a move. In some cases, you might not have a TV that works with the console anymore.

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We must acknowledge that preventing the permanent loss of this kind of media is a noble effort, regardless of legality. However, if a game gba4ios roms or console is still being sold or is in commercial use, then any sort of emulator that plays that game or acts as the console should be illegal. It would be easy to say that Nintendo and other game developers should just calm down about emulators since they give people access to old games that they love. It’s not like the people creating emulators are really making all that much money, and are often doing it because they and others are huge fans of the nostalgic games. Unfortunately, though, the law allows for a nice big loophole out of that argument.

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If abandonware is a grey area, then downloading ROMs of games you already own is a light-grey area. Under US copyright law, you have the right to back up and archive software you have already purchased.

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Once this was identified as a problem people began making backup copies of cartridges to prevent games from being lost forever. Some games had to be restored from reading multiple cartridges and then pieced together to make one image that would play.