What Are The Various Phases Of Mobile App Development Process?

Such a plan will include essential features to add to the app MVP and features to implement next. App development is an ongoing process and will proceed after the first launch as you receive user feedback and build new functionality. The most important thing is to build an expert team that will help lead you through all steps of mobile app development and ensure the product’s integrity. It’s the final stage, and the app is ready for market launch, but keep in mind app stores’ particular policies for accepting and verifying mobile apps. App reviews on Google Play are different from App Store, but often your app will show up in the market a few hours after submitting. Nevertheless, making an on-demand mobile app is a process that implies quite thorough pre-planning.

This way you get a true feedback from a certain type of users to understand the usability flow or possible issues with it. Beta testing involves external user testing, meaning that a beta version of an app is given out to the limited audience. Vinit kariatukaran is a senior mobile application development manager at Radixweb and passionate about developing and designing innovative high-reach mobile applications. He endeavors to keep himself abreast of all the latest app development process technological changes and updates to deliver the best in the business. When at leisure, he loves to read books and have interesting conversations with his colleagues and friends. A new mobile app development life cycle begins as soon as you release your app in the market! During or after the process, if your app is facing any issues or bugs, our developers will immediately fix them and stick out until the app is performing as you planned in the first place.

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Our mobile development department consists of more than 50 experts and the entire team consists of 2000+ technicians experienced in various business domains. Depending on your current needs, we build a team and work with you side by side through all stages of developing an app. Build tools can directly target the level of experience your developer have. The testing phase forms an integral part of your mobile app development initiative that ensures that the app is secure and stable. A team of expert testers must create appropriate use cases based on the industry and the various workflows included in the app. It will help the testers to record the results involving evaluation of the software quality. It will also help them to track the fixes in the code that must be done.

app development stages

When the planning stages are finished, it’s time to build a prototype. At this stage of development, your app doesn’t have to be perfect, but the functions you’re most interested in should be built up enough for initial testing. To get the most out of your technical feasibility study, recruit a team of experienced developers to brainstorm the features your app will include. Cast as wide a net as you can, since any member of the team might know something about their niche that could be important to the finished design of your own mobile app.

Phase#4 Mobile App Development

During or after the mobile app development process, if we face any issue or bug, we will instantly fix the issue. Once the duration of free support is finished, if a customer wants to extend the support period, we prefer to sign an annual maintenance contract that can protect the app owners. The initial stage of mobile app development process involves discussing about the project.

  • Since the mobile app development process is not a walk in the park, it involves a thoughtful and step-by-step approach to obtain the desired benefits.
  • Test cases, like use cases, help to manufacture and test smartphone apps.
  • Industries and business areas not related to mobile in some manner are scarce.
  • You need to fix these issues immediately to deliver an exceptional user experience.
  • You can use any web programming language and database for the back-end.

Promotion, support, and maintenance of the app are what come after this. It is not an overnight tasks; even an experienced and skilled developer needs to pay attention at every phase to ensure the flawlessness and sound functionality of the app developed. The app development process includes more than the design and code creating steps. At the very beginning of your project, your mobile app development team should create thorough technical documentation, functional requirements, and user stories. The increased penetration of smartphones has led to more mobile users. Businesses are also trying to cater to this new set of users by creating mobile apps and improving customer experience. As a result, there is an increased requirement for developing mobile apps, rapidly addressing this audience, and catering to their needs.

Step 7: Qa And Testing

It controls all the systems, configurations, and changes together. For the smooth functioning of your app and to maintain its operational logic, ensure to have one dedicated backend developer when you hire a mobile app developers team. Yes, you have to start working on conceptualizing and visualizing the app functionality, its design, and user interface. The wireframe helps you understand how the system will flow and function.

app development stages

All throughout the process of all development, we inculcate the principles of functionality. The testing team ensures that the solution is adding value to your business and SSH operations meets the end-user expectations. In device testing, the professionals check the compatibility of your app with the different versions of mobile devices’ OS and hardware.

Programming And Testing

Is there a set of people who need such an app and can’t wait to download it? Are there advertisers who would like to advertise with your app? Refer above web application development model while building your web app to make sure that nothing critical escapes the purview of your web app design & development team. Be it a simple business website or complex web application, every digital product needs routine checkups and enhancements. With the passage of time, you will want to undertake product pivots, integrate new features, and launch the App Version 2. This is why your app development agreement should talk about application maintenance, after-delivery support, and future upgrades.

app development stages

While prototype development can be time-consuming, the efforts are well worth it, as they offer early-stage testing of your app’s design and functionality. Often, prototypes help identify modifications to the app’s proposed functionality.

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Get in touch with us to request a quote for your business or project idea. An Application Programming Interface is a process of communication between the app and a back-end server/database. Until you decide to discontinue support for your app , you will be maintaining your app indefinitely. Testing will also pay off later in the maintenance stage of your app. This is one kind of word-of-mouth marketing that can boost your app’s reputation and help you attract even more customers.

app development stages

You must keep in mind that the enhancements must be uploaded onto the app store platforms in the same process as before. Based on the guides created, the mockups will be made based on the wireframes. You can discuss with the client and finalize the aesthetic and the workflows. The static mockups can be turned into prototypes with high-quality tools. It can help stimulate the workflows that the final app will use. Here is now the detailed overview of each phase involved in mobile application development.

Mobile App Development Process For Launching Successful Apps In 2021

The feedback you receive from beta users will help you find out whether the app’s functions are operating well in a real-world situation. The actual result has no alternative but to mirror the user experience specified by the application development team, which is a significant move in smartphone application testing. The application’s visual effects, function, and interactivity form a first impression on the end-user. User adoption is significantly influenced by whether or not your software adheres to the original design ideas. Although different businesses are attempting to capitalize on this wave, yet some are unaware of how to properly develop an app. These growth estimates can help your firm succeed in the competitive marketplace, but only if they’re backed up by carefully maintained mobile application development phases.

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The development process is usually conducted by app elements which means that QA proceeds with testing moving from one element to another. But no matter how brilliant your startup idea may seem, the application development process remains tricky. Within this article, we’ll guide you across Mobile App Development Lifecycle and give some crucial hints. However, what is the ultimate end of app development is maintenance and updating the app. You have to be proactive in this step and align user involvement with regular app updates.

Step 4: Wireframes And Storyboards Of The App

Mainly app wireframe gives articulation to the theory for the team to follow. Also, it helps developers as a reference or you can say as a guide book. When the app code skeleton is ready , it’s high you add features to the product, bug pretesting, and ongoing improvements . Your app may be also presented to your focus group to gain early feedback. An idea is a seed from which the foundations of an app are built. You must ask yourself some fundamental questions because it will build the very base of the app.

Top reasons why you should outsource, when you choose a professional app development company off-shore, you’ll not just get a good experience but will basically make your work easier. Appinventiv is also a professional app development company that has developed several successful apps for clients. There’s no doubt that these technologies make the app a better experience but everything good comes at a price. And the price of using the latest technology is that they might slow down the app development process. We have been providing mobile app development services to some of the leading businesses cutting across different industries. You can reach out to us to start a discussion about how we may be of help. The developers will set up the project, and the pieces of code are checked before being merged into the project.

Everything in the mobile app development process begins with a clear concept and a clear vision. We hope that sharing this information about our app development process will give you a better idea while selecting the best app development company for your project. Every human tends to do some mistakes, and thus, we also are made up of the same origin. But our escalation ratio is very less, about 5-6% of projects hardly go under escalation. It’s well-advised to never expect too much from every version of the app in terms of its functionality.